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Our Alumni-in-Residence

The Alumni-in-Residence (AiR) program leverages the first-hand experience and success of founders who have graduated from DMZ programs and want to give back to the community. Our alumni provide advice and mentorship to current DMZ startups on sales, strategy/leadership, marketing, design, and more.

Adam Rivietz

CSO & Co-Founder, #paid

Adrian Bulzacki

Founder, ARB Labs Inc.

Alex Kolodkin

CEO, Set Scouter

Balaji Gopalan

CEO, MedStack

Brian Deck

CEO, Smooth Commerce

Charlotte Gummesson

President & Co-Founder, iRestify

Chris Jugovic

Director of Sales, Highmark Interactive

Chris Snoyer

CEO, Spiffy

Eropa Stein

CEO, Hyre

Henry Shi

CTO, SnapTravel

Jason Muloongo

CEO, HeyTaylor

Jordy Koski

General Partner, Middle Cove Capital

Joshua Landy

Co-Founder, Figure 1

Kanchan Kumar

CEO, Truly Financial

Kareem Ayyad

Founder, Cerebian

Karim Ali


Kelsey Regan

Co-Founder/CTO, ReUp (acquired)

Kumar Erramilli

CTO, Acto App

Kyle Reid

CEO, Pro Angler Fishing App & HUNT IN

Long Nguyen

Co-Founder, Health Myself

Luan Ha

CEO, Fundscraper

Marcel Bradea

CEO & Head of Product, Happ

Michael Van

CEO & Co-Founder, Furnishr

Mike Garnett

CEO, SwiftRide

Mo El Mahallawy

Co-Founder, CTO of Shepherd

Mudit Rawat

M&A and Corporate Affairs, TAO DIGITAL

Nathaniel Bagnell

Co-Founder, LiveGauge

Richard Nelson

CEO, Roofr

Richard Penner

Senior Product Manager, Shopify

Samer Abughannam

Founder & CEO

Sandeep Todi

Co-Founder, Truly Financial

Tali Remennik

CEO, Granularity

Thomas Tewolde

CEO, ChargeAutomation

Tyler Handley

CEO & Co-Founder, Inkbox