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Black Innovation Programs

Empowering the next wave of Black-owned tech startups



The Black Innovation Bootcamp is a 16 week program designed to support very early-stage Black tech founders around the world. The Bootcamp aims to help founders validate their business ideas and market opportunity, as well as build their first prototype and MVP.

Using a hands-on approach, this program gives founders exposure to the different domains important in building a venture: sales, marketing, operations, technology, finance, leadership and more.

The Bootcamp provides founders with many of the benefits incorporated in DMZ’s core programming such as coaching from EiRs, expert workshops and dedicated support from a DMZ Program Lead.

Upon completing the Bootcamp, startups will have a chance to fast track their application to our core Black Innovation Program.

“The Bootcamp gave me a learning path. It provided my startup with a wealth of information around product design and development, product-market positioning, leadership and team building, marketing, legal and more. Additionally, getting to know other founders in my cohort was inspiring and it helped me build a foundational network. I’m looking forward to continuing my growth with the DMZ community. “
- Theo Ossinga, Founder,

We are now accepting applications for our next Bootcamp. Please visit our main Bootcamp page here.

What you get

Over the course of 16 weeks, Bootcamp founders will get access to:

Growth and digital experts

Hands-on coaching from high-calibre, experienced senior mentors


The chance to meet and network with influential investors, experts and researchers


Exclusive workshops, conferences and deep dive sessions by Canada's leading experts

Peer sessions

Opportunities to meet and network with other founders in your cohort

Exclusive member benefits

Access to DMZ online resources, exclusive member perks and discounts, services from Professionals-in-Residence (PiRs) and Alum-in-Residence (AiRs)

Selection criteria

At minimum, applicants for the Bootcamp should:

  • Have at least one participating founder and ideally, a dedicated tech lead
  • Have a business idea dedicated to solving a compelling problem using innovative technology
  • Be actively working on validating their product
  • Have the potential to transition into the DMZ Incubator program at the end of the Bootcamp
  • Be driven, coachable, and collaborative
  • Have an early MVP


Not sure if you qualify for this program or want to learn more? Get in touch with our Recruitment Lead here.