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Cyrus Cooper

Cyrus Cooper

Hospitality, Customer Service

About Cyrus Cooper

How Cyrus can support your startup:

  • Advising on strategic operations support.
  • Advising on organizational strategy and support.
  • Advising on sales and business development.
  • Providing training and hiring guidance.

Cyrus K. Cooper is a Professor and Program Coordinator at Centennial College. He is a passionate, self motivated and articulate leader, specializing in multi-unit restaurant, operations and cross-enterprise leadership.

An accomplished expert in training, hiring, business analysis and strategy. Cyrus enjoys building results through a customer service focused vision, sound employee culture and supreme work ethic. With a Bachelor of Commerce specialization in Hospitality and Tourism Management and an MBA from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University coupled with over 20 years of hospitality and operations experience, Cyrus possesses a wealth of knowledge enabling him to lead, drive results and develop multiple teams and business units.