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Humza Javed

Humza Javed

Staff Member
Digital Marketing Lead

About Humza Javed

As the Digital Marketing Lead, Humza leads DMZ’s overall digital marketing strategy and increases DMZ’s profile as a world-leading startup incubator in local, national and international markets. Humza brings 5+ years of Marketing experience, having worked with both Fortune 500 giants and small startups. He has played key roles in three startups, including one that was acquired after achieving CPG distribution in 500+ North American retailers.

Off the clock, Humza loves to DJ, creating unforgettable nights with music and is a big sports fan, both on the court and on the couch. Also, some say he’s a cat whisperer due to his remarkable connection with felines. Nonetheless, Humza’s biggest passion is working with bright minds to create groundbreaking ideas, striving to leave a long-lasting impact.

Humza received his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Marketing Management with minors in Psychology and Professional Communication at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Get to know Humza Javed

What’s one thing people know you best for?
I can sell water to a well - I'm very persuasive.

Alternative career choice?

Favourite album?
After Hours - The Weeknd.

Happiness is ______?
created, not found.

Cats or dogs?