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Isabella Spiliakos

Isabella Spiliakos

Staff Member
Startup Legal Strategist

About Isabella Spiliakos

As a Startup Legal Strategist, Isabella assists startups with their legal needs and provides strategic legal and business insights to early-stage founders.

After completing her undergraduate degree in finance at the University of Western Ontario, Isabella worked for a tech startup in Toronto, where she discovered a passion for working with early-stage companies and founders. During her time in law school, Isabella worked with the startup legal clinic at DMZ and the Legal Innovation Zone, where she combined her business background and experience in the startup space with her legal education to help provide founders with support in all aspects of their business.

Get to know Isabella Spiliakos

Favourite movie?
The Devil Wears Prada

Most visited website?
Bon Appetit, specifically their brown butter chocolate chip cookie recipe

Favourite sport?

Alternative career choice?
If I wasn't practicing to become a lawyer, I'd have loved to be an architect

Coffee or tea?