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Ryan Nahas

Ryan Nahas

Sales and Growth

About Ryan Nahas

How Ryan can support your startup:

  • Building more productive and efficient sales functions.
  • Solving problems relating to hiring and training salespeople
  • Structuring outbound sales and email campaigns and processes
  • Creating repeatable playbooks for converting leads into customers
  • Advising on deal maturation/pipeline progression.

With both enterprise and startup experience, Ryan brings a blend of strategy and sales acumen that serves the broad range of Go-To-Market challenges and opportunities ahead for our DMZ portfolio companies. Early-stage challenges like making your first sale, defining a customer profile, building a repeatable sales process, hiring sales talent, or complexities like scaling into new markets or improving sales operations and efficiency, are all opportunities Ryan can help with.
He previously was a founding member of GrowthGenius, a Sales Automation Software and Service, where he built the sales function from the ground up, growing from 0 to 3.5M in ARR in under 20 months, and leading a 10 person sales and BD team.

Most recently, he led SMB Growth Strategy at Salesforce for the AMER business unit, leading a team tackling cross-functional strategic initiatives in a 600 person business unit, relating to hiring, onboarding, sales operations, piloting new technology and pipeline maturation.