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Advisory Council

DMZ Advisory Council Opportunities

The only Canadian tech incubator to be ranked #1 in the world, DMZ has been described as the “GPS for the startup journey,” offering inclusive, personalized and proven programs to elevate and grow the world’s boldest tech companies. One of Toronto Metropolitan University’s suite of innovation zones, DMZ collaborates with major public and private sector organizations, both in Canada and globally, to advance technology, innovation, and drive impact through entrepreneurship. Since its inception in 2010, DMZ has supported over 800 startups who have collectively raised more than $2.5 billion in seed funding, playing a pivotal role in creating nearly 5,000 jobs, while elevating and growing the world’s boldest tech companies. DMZ collaborates with major public and private sector organizations, both in Canada and globally, to advance technology, innovation, and drive impact through entrepreneurship. 

An agile organization that always thinks ten steps ahead, DMZ constantly seeks to enhance its offerings and position in the entrepreneurial landscape. It combines its innovation DNA with a forward-thinking approach, ensuring DMZ remains at the forefront of breakthrough ideas and calculated risks in the sector. 

To support its continued evolution and growth, DMZ is inviting applications from a diverse range of accomplished, well-networked CEOs and influential business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs for multiple appointments to DMZ’s Advisory Council in early 2024 and beyond.

Role & Impact of DMZ’s Advisory Council

DMZ Advisory Council Members are dynamic, well-networked entrepreneurs, business, philanthropy and community leaders who serve as both advisors and ambassadors, guiding DMZ’s strategic direction and ensuring its global prominence. Creative innovators who bring an outstanding record of generating breakthrough ideas, DMZ Advisory Council Members provide expert insights on industry trends, growth and marketing strategies, program and service enhancement, and fundraising. Influential and well connected, incoming Advisory Council Members leverage their vast personal and professional networks to enhance DMZ’s brand, create meaningful partnerships, and open crucial doors for startups, both in Canada and globally. With a commitment that goes beyond Advisory Council meetings, these leaders actively work to promote DMZ at local, national and international levels through events, conferences, guest speaking and hands-on engagement with innovative DMZ companies.

As influential leaders, DMZ Advisory Council Members are characterized by their results-driven mindset, strategic acumen, and deep-seated passion for innovation. Valuable business experience may include, senior experience within CPG, food, retail, automotive, technology, real estate, pharmaceutical, financial services, private equity, venture capital, entertainment, global tech and non-profit sectors, Chair/Vice Chair experience, and board governance credentials are also assets. They not only respect diversity but actively champion it, promoting a supportive and collaborative culture within the DMZ community. This is an exceptional opportunity for outstanding leaders to contribute to creating a world powered by ambitious entrepreneurs, now and for years to come. 

Please note this Advisory Council Profile is intended to attract and assess potential DMZ Advisory Council Members for appointments in 2024 and beyond. It also, with a strategic focus on good governance and succession planning, is intended to meaningfully engage with a diverse group of outstanding leaders across the country. As such, there may be individuals identified within this process who may or could be considered for future DMZ Board or Committee appointment opportunities, and/or other engaging volunteer opportunities with DMZ, at future dates and times.

Interested in this exciting DMZ Advisory Council opportunity? The time is now.

Please provide a detailed resume and cover letter to Lisa Heidman, LLB ICD.D, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Arlington Partners at A DMZ Advisory Council Profile will be provided to all candidates under consideration. We look forward to exploring your candidacy.

2023 Advisory Council Members

Abdullah Snobar

Executive Director, DMZ & CEO, DMZ Ventures

Agnes Hilkene

Executive Director, The George and Helen Vari Foundation

Anthony Lacavera

Founder and Chairman, Globalive Capital and Advisory Council Chair

Bruce Croxon

Partner, Round13 Capital

Claude Guay

Global Managing Partner, Ventures, Ecosystems, and Acquisitions, IBM Consulting

David Walmsley

Editor in Chief, The Globe and Mail

Fay Wu

Managing Director, NFQ Ventures

Isaac Olowolafe Jr.

Founder and General Partner, Dream Maker Ventures

Kevin O’Brien

Head of Global Operations, WeightWatchers

Mohamed Lachemi

President and Vice-Chancellor, Toronto Metropolitan University

Peter Bowie

Independent Director, former CEO of Deloitte China