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Our pre-incubator program

Next Cohort: March 2023

Please note that in applying now, turnaround time for results can be up to 3-4 weeks.


Not sure if you qualify for this program or want to learn more? Get in touch with our Manager, Startup Recruitment here.

The DMZ’s Bootcamp helps early-stage tech founders validate their business idea, minimum viable product and build a roadmap for implementation to launch a startup. After 16 weeks, the top startups pitch their businesses to secure a spot in the DMZ's Incubator where they will receive up to $25K in entry grant funding, 18+ months of additional support, and more.

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What you get

Over the course of 16 weeks, this program gives founders exposure to the different domains important in building a venture: sales, marketing, operations, fundraising, technology, finance, leadership and more. The Bootcamp program consists of founder roundtables and peer to peer sessions, expert-led workshops, and dedicated one-on-one support from our Program Leads. Upon completing the program, startups should be ready to launch within three months and generate revenue within six months.

The DMZ looks for exceptional founders to support on their journey to build, grow, and scale high-calibre tech companies. The Bootcamp helps accelerate readiness for the Incubator program, which takes a customized approach to support the next generation of successful tech startups over an 18-month program. Towards the end of each Bootcamp cohort, startups pitch their companies. The top startups are fast tracked into the DMZ's Incubator where they'll receive up to $25K in grant funding upon entry, 18+ months of hands-on support, and more.

There are no membership fees to join the Bootcamp, but in exchange for this support, the DMZ asks for 2.5% equity from Bootcamp companies in the form of options. Bootcamp graduates that enter the DMZ Incubator program do not provide any additional equity for the Incubator’s 18 months of support.

Founders must submit an application to be considered for the Bootcamp. For program eligibility, please see Selection Criteria below.

Startups with at least one Black or woman-identifying co-founder receive an additional layer of startup support and benefits when joining the Bootcamp.





Bootcamp startups receive:

  • Access to one-on-one mentorship from the DMZ's Experts-in-Residence
  • Curated workshops from industry experts
  • Bi-weekly progress check-ins with DMZ Program Leads
  • Founder peer-to-peer (P2P) sessions
  • Weekly SURFs (Stand Up Rapid Fire)
  • Access to marketing and PR opportunities and exclusive community events through the DMZ
  • Perks from 80+ partners valued at over $470K CAD in business savings
  • A $5K grant for startups with a Black founder and/or for startups that have Supply AI eligibility
  • The opportunity to pitch to secure a spot in the DMZ Incubator for 18+ months of more support, up to $25K in entry grant funding, and more
  • Hands-on support with legal documents including employment contracts, liability reviews, customer proposals, and more through the Startup Legal Support program
  • Access to free startup legal support (SLS program)

Get started perks valued at over $470K

Through the DMZ's partnerships, Bootcamp startups receive exclusive perks from 100+ partners valued at over $470K in business savings. Check out some of them below.

Selection criteria

At minimum applicants for the Bootcamp should:

  • Have an idea dedicated to solving a compelling problem using innovative technology
  • Have an early MVP
  • Have at least one dedicated (full-time) founder
  • Have an in-house tech lead
  • Have the potential to transition into the DMZ Incubator program at the end of the Bootcamp


Emily Smiley

Director, Programs & Corporate Collaborations

Justine Clark

Programs Lead

Mohi Sanisel

Sr. Programs Lead

Sherif El Tawil

Senior Director, Programs & Partnerships

Tina Mbachu

Sr. Programs Lead


Take a look at the mentors that support our Bootcamp companies. To see all mentors, please visit our Experts in Residence page.

Anthony Lau

Product, Sales

Frank Erschen


Hackim Farrell

Cybersecurity, Product

Jodi Echakowitz

Public Relations

Karen Hogg

Customer Success


Through the Professional-in-Residence (PiR) program, DMZ founders have direct access to senior leadership at professional services organizations through pro-bono, one-on-one strategic consultation meetings. Any projects or work arising thereafter (at the founder's discretion) is offered at DMZ exclusive discounted rates.

Beyond our PiR network, startups can also access connections to DMZ's broader network of corporate partners.

Next Cohort: March 2023

Please note that in applying now, turnaround time for results can be up to 3-4 weeks.


Not sure if you qualify for this program or want to learn more? Get in touch with our Manager, Startup Recruitment here.

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