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Pro-guided workshops helping
entrepreneurs and industry professionals
master their business skills


A workshop series giving you the knowledge and skills needed to be competitive in the business world

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Run by a world-leading tech incubator and led by subject matter experts



Select the workshops that suit your needs and goals

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Recognize your accomplishments and differentiate yourself

What to expect

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an early-stage startup founder or an industry professional looking to upskill or transition in your career, DMZ Masterclass is for you!

This highly-curated workshop series gives Masterclass participants tangible learnings to accelerate their business and professional growth. Join expert-led sessions on today’s most in-demand knowledge verticals, including:

Entrepreneurship 101, Design Thinking
Product Management, Legal 101
Negotiation, Personal Branding
PR Fundamentals, Sales 101
VC and Angel Funding, Taxes
Cybersecurity, AI, UX/UI

How it works

Masterclass is a series of workshops that occur throughout the month. You can attend all of them or only a select few - whatever works for you!

Register to indicate your interest in Masterclass and reserve your spot in the program. There’s no cost to register or participate, but limited spots are available.
Once you receive a welcome email from DMZ, you're in! Choose and sign-up for workshops on topics you're interested in - attendance at all workshops is not required, but recommended for the full experience! Keep an eye out for new workshops being added every month.
All workshops take place at DMZ Sandbox on weekday evenings. Please arrive in time for each workshop and confirm your attendance at check-in. View our upcoming workshop schedule here.
Earn Masterclass Verified badges. Your digital badges verify you have received training and gained skills in various business domains, and can be leveraged for display on your LinkedIn, resume, or however you’d like! View badge levels here.

Earn digital badges

Unlock new badges as you attend more workshops.

  • Bronze Badge: 5 Masterclasses
  • Silver Badge: 10 Masterclasses
  • Gold Badge: 15 Masterclasses
  • Platinum Badge: 20 Masterclasses
    • Gold and Platinum badges require the completion of DMZ’s Launchpad program. Learn more about Launchpad and its requirements here.
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Why Masterclass?

  • Skill empowerment: Develop tangible skills to become a competitive candidate in the job market.
  • Real-world insights: Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and gain key insights on navigating the business landscape.
  • Tailored experience: Customize your schedule according to your preferences. Focus on specific domains or explore the full spectrum of workshop topics.
  • Networking powerhouse: Connect with like-minded individuals and find your next business partner or future employer.
  • Bridge the gap: Address the crucial gap between business ideation and pre-incubation to transform your startup vision into reality.
  • Fuel up: Don’t worry about dinner – food is provided at workshops (remember to arrive on time if you’re hungry)!

Workshop schedule

Once you register to DMZ Masterclass, be sure to sign up for the individual classes you're interested in via Eventbrite. Space is limited and spots fill quickly, so please RSVP as soon as possible. When spots are filled, a waitlist will be available.

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New Masterclasses are announced regularly - stay tuned!


Get started now


Registering for Masterclass takes 2 minutes and there is no cost to participate in the program. Limited spots are available.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost to DMZ Masterclass?

DMZ Masterclass is entirely free! We believe that anyone interested in learning more about entrepreneurship should have access to our classes and experts.

Who should sign up for DMZ Masterclass?

You should sign up if you’re interested in skills development, entrepreneurship, or are in the early stages of building your startup, considering turning a side project into a company, or are just curious about learning something new!

Do I need to be a TMU student to participate?

Not at all! DMZ Masterclass is open to any community member, whether it’s a student, a business owner, an industry professional, a professor, or anyone else!

Where do DMZ Masterclasses take place?

The DMZ Sandbox is located within the TMU Student Learning Center at 341 Yonge St on the corner of Yonge and Gould Street, north of Dundas Square. Upon entering the building, take the stairs on the right all the way to the 3rd floor. We are the first door on the left.

How can I earn digital badges to display on my LinkedIn?

Register for DMZ Masterclass, sign up for classes via Eventbrite, and start showing up! You need to attend at least 5 Masterclasses to earn your first badge.

I’m a student from TRSM. Can I earn TedPoints for this?

Absolutely! As long as you sign up through Eventbrite and attend each class you sign up for, you can earn TedPoints. You can visit the Fit for Business (FFB) website to learn more about TedPoints.

Will DMZ Masterclass be offered virtually?

At this time, all DMZ Masterclasses activities will be in-person at the DMZ Sandbox.

Can I join if I’m not from Canada?

As long as you can come to our DMZ Sandbox where we will be hosting our Masterclasses, then yes!