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Startup Legal Support

Providing fully subsidized, in-house legal services to
the next generation of leading tech entrepreneurs.

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1:1 Legal strategy

Custom contract drafting

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Introducing your personalized in-house legal clinic

Startup Legal Support is designed to support the advancement and commercialization of Canada’s tech ecosystem by helping startup founders navigate the legal landscape. Get affordable legal services you can trust for your startup with our in-house team of experts, comprehensive portal, and dedicated staff of lawyers and law students.

How it works

Founders within the DMZ have access to a suite of resources. Startup Legal Support (SLS) is simply another addition to that.

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Legal strategy sessions

These sessions help founders assess their legal needs through the help of SLS. The goal is to minimize legal debt that will cost them more to solve in the future, or put their business at risk.

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Custom contract drafting

Founders can access SLS for a suite of legal needs by submitting a request for a deliverable to be completed. The in-house legal team works with supporting firms to complete the submitted deliverable.

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Legal education & training

Through a series of events and 1:1 sessions with law students, SLS provides founders with the resources they need to understand their legal assets and liabilities.

Areas of support

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Corporate and Commercial Work

  • Incorporation
  • Drafting or amending Articles of Incorporation (establishing two class share structure)
  • Customary by-laws
  • Shareholder and Founder Agreements
  • Advisor Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (Mutual and One-Way)
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for website
  • Legal Strategy Sessions

block 2

Employment Law

  • Stock Option Plans
  • Employment Agreements (fixed and indefinite terms)
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Co-Op Student Employment Agreements
  • Legal Strategy Sessions

block 3

Intellectual Property

  • Confidentiality and Ownership of Proprietary Property (CIOPP) Agreement
  • Basic Trademark Searches
  • Legal Strategy Sessions

Startup Legal Support is available to founders in the DMZ's Incubator program


Who we are

Juliesa Adolphus

Partner Stewardship Lead

Emily Smiley

Director, Partnerships & Investor Relations

Nicholas Hill

Head, Startup Legal Support & Legal Advisor


MT>Ventures lets startups shift focus from simply surviving the day-to-day, going beyond legal services to deliver access to the industry expertise, professional talent, and capital opportunities needed to realize their full potential. As a partner of the Startup Legal Support program, MT>Ventures oversees the provision of legal services of the clinic, including the review of certain legal work prepared by the law student caseworkers when further input is required. MT>Ventures also works with DMZ SLS staff to provide a variety of legal programming to DMZ founders.

The Lincoln Alexander School of Law at Toronto Metropolitan University is reimagining legal education in pursuit of a more just society. Its mission is to equip the lawyers of tomorrow with the contemporary skills and experience required to expand the reach of justice and respond to the evolving challenges that face Canadian society. Law students interested in working for the Startup Legal Support program can email the DMZ to inquire about opportunities here.