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A program helping high-potential PropTech
startups transform how real estate is designed,
built, used, and experienced.

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The traditional concept of "home" is rapidly evolving.

An unprecedented combination of factors is changing how and where we live. Climate regulation is driving Net Zero construction, rising energy prices are forcing optimization, interest rates are stifling affordability, and 5G and work-from-home trends are accelerating connectivity in housing requirements. Homes need to be more than just places to eat and sleep; they need to be spaces where people can work, connect, experience, learn, and thrive, all sustainably. Fortunately, the tools and technologies to support this transition are now accessible and ready to be leveraged.

To address these changes, our Cohort 2 PropTech Stream will focus on sustainability, affordability, adaptivity, and connectivity. By 2100, we need to build 2 billion better homes.

Breaking new ground

Created in partnership with GroundBreak Ventures, the DMZ’s PropTech program is a specialized stream alongside the Incubator helping startups solving real estate problems to fast-track their growth over the course of 18 months.

With access to customers, capital, coaching, and a community of industry experts and peers, startups receive the tools, resources and exposure needed to scale their teams and drive global impact through technology.

What you get

This is a competitive stream within the DMZ’s Incubator that provides startup services in exchange for equity. If accepted into the PropTech stream, you will receive:

$25K in grant funding upon program entry + $10K in funding for startups eligible to participate in the Black Innovation Program
Dedicated office space for you and your team in the heart of downtown Toronto with awesome amenities like daily breakfast, snacks, coffee, front desk services, game room, nap room, wellness room, showers, and the best startup community in the world
60+ hours of one-on-one time with 20+ Experts-in-Residence, in-house subject matter experts and dedicated support from your Programs Lead
Support with fundraising strategies, pitch coaching, and introductions to investors in the DMZ’s and GroundBreak Ventures’ VC and angel investor networks
Workshops and peer-to-peer sessions to share insights, lessons learned, and best practices
Exclusive access to 110+ membership business perks valued at $1,000,000+, and so much more!

What we look for

The DMZ's PropTech stream targets high-potential startups. Eligible companies should have:

  • A tech-enabled product solving a compelling problem in the housing industry
  • At least one full-time founder dedicated to the program, and one in-house technical lead
  • An MVP that has some form of market validation
  • The ability to become a venture-backable business in a growing market
  • A driven, coachable and collaborative leadership team

Who we are

Emily Smiley

Director, Partnerships & Investor Relations

Scott Kaplanis

Managing Partner, GroundBreak Ventures

Tyler Ashby

Principal, GroundBreak Ventures

Sherif El Tawil

Sr. Director, Programs & Global Operations


We back exceptional entrepreneurs that are changing the way we live and work. GroundBreak Ventures™ is a venture capital firm specializing in real estate and property technology. We invest as early as the pre-seed stage, and provide both the capital and the domain expertise necessary to support the growth of our entrepreneurs, and the businesses they work tirelessly to build.

Our firm is based in Toronto and supported by Hopewell®, a multifaceted real estate organization with operations in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and the U.S. Over its nearly 40- year history, Hopewell® has built extensive industry networks and deep expertise in residential and commercial development, homebuilding, property management and logistics, including last mile. The company has embraced innovation; a willingness to adopt new technology is a key differentiator in its approach to business.

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