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Casey Binkley

Casey Binkley

Founder & CEO, Movia

About Casey Binkley

Casey Binkley is the current founder and CEO of Movia, a marketing company which specializes in pairing OOH advertising with technology in order to help brands maximize their advertising results. Prior to Movia, Casey was using his entrepreneurial background to identify opportunities and help bring his business ideas to life. He was the co-founder of Axle Plastic Inc., a home-brewing equipment supply company. Before that, Casey was Team Leader and Assistant Sales Manager for a team of 50 individuals, and was an original founder of Ready Set Recycle, whose mission is to divert small electronics to responsible recycling streams.

Casey earned his bachelor’s degree in Management, Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies from Dalhousie University and is an Angelpad certified Entrepreneur. Casey has volunteered at AdClub and MarketYourHealth, and is passionate about incorporating environmental responsibility into each and every one of his projects.