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Our Incubator.

An 18-month hybrid program custom-designed for your needs.


If your business has traction and monthly recurring revenue but looking to get bigger and better, you belong here.

Next cohort begins:
September 26, 2024

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Incubator Latif

No two ventures are alike... so why would you follow a one-size-fits-all playbook?

We tailor support to the unique demands of each startup to transform early-stage, venture-backable companies with high potential into market leaders with proven business models.

Rethink everything you know about the incubator model

We believe it takes time to build something great, which is why your roadmap is strategically designed over 18 months. Our program also lets you:

  • Keep your autonomy; run your days and your team the way you want.
  • Focus on areas you actually need help with; we won’t waste time forcing you into workshops you don’t need.
  • Our program is accessible to startups outside of Canada, you don’t need to be based in Toronto full time to apply.
  • Enrol in other growth programs; don’t limit your opportunities to access startup support.

Incubator Timeline
Timeline for Incubator

Quarterly board meetings

Throughout the program, founders take part in six quarterly board meetings with the DMZ team and their designated EiR to establish and evaluate business objectives set out each quarter. Here, DMZ will help the startup determine key business priorities and challenges, and seed the plan to address and execute on them.

Monthly progress reports

Each month, founders receive a form to complete and submit to DMZ and their designated EiR. The form allows the founder to report on their startup’s progress each month. Progress reports are reviewed during bi-weekly EiR & Program Lead sessions, and act as the base of discussions during quarterly board meetings.

Bi-weekly EiR & Program Lead sessions

Throughout the program, founders take part in bi-weekly sessions with their designated DMZ Program Lead and EiR. Program Leads and EiRs help founders execute on their business objectives utilizing EiR's expertise and DMZ Resources.

If you win, we win.
DMZ has skin in the game. Here’s what we bring to the table in exchange for 2.5% equity stake in common shares


Get a seat at the table where the deals are happening.

Tap into our expansive network, encompassing over 3,000 angels and investors from various backgrounds, ready to support diverse entrepreneurial ventures. We facilitate personalized 1:1 connections, deck preparation, lead list curation, data room reviews and more to confidently attract “smart money” that aligns with your strategic objectives during fundraising rounds.


Get a seat at the table where the deals are happening.

Tap into our expansive network, encompassing over 3,000 angels and investors from various backgrounds, ready to support diverse entrepreneurial ventures. We facilitate personalized 1:1 connections, deck preparation, lead list curation, data room reviews and more to confidently attract “smart money” that aligns with your strategic objectives during fundraising rounds.


Because ChatGPT isn’t a reliable lawyer.

Get comprehensive legal support and document prep for drafting or amending crucial business agreements. Includes legal research and strategy sessions, along with detailed contract reviews, to foster growth, ensure compliance, protect assets, and reduce costs.


Hiring your uncle’s nephew to run your social media is not going great.

Reduce costs with help securing available grants to alleviate hiring expenses and access the DMZ-trained talent pool of student staff for co-op and internship opportunities, and discover new hiring opportunities inside the DMZ Slack Workspace.


Believe it or not, your barista needs some breathing room.

Enjoy 24/7 access to a dedicated office space in the heart of downtown Toronto. Amenities include a recording studio with professional audio-visual equipment, meeting rooms, event space, an on-site 3-D printer, weekly catered lunches, daily breakfast, unlimited snacks and coffee, front desk services, showers, a game room, a nap room, and more.


Your software expenses cost you how much?

100+ exclusive benefits valued at $1 million worth of discounted perks and benefits including but not limited to AWS, Google Cloud, Bookmark, Notion, and more.


Because as a budding founder, who’s got that kind of money?

Receive a $10K entry grant and the opportunity to secure additional grants throughout the program. Gain access to a specialized portal that lists additional grants for hiring, travel, in-house Startup Legal Support, and more (read how we’ve supported the unique needs for various founders here). Companies with a Black or woman founder receive an additional $10K grant.

Shahrzad Mirjahani &
Sheida Mirjahani
Co-Founders, Flowjin

Enhanced support for Black
and women founders:

Underrepresented communities face disproportionate barriers to accessing lucrative entrepreneurship opportunities. DMZ is proud to offer access to exclusive and meaningful resources crucial to closing the opportunity gap.


Yemi Ifegbuyi
Founder, Cozii Technologies

Criteria required to apply

You are ready to apply to our program if your business has been validated

  • A technology based business
  • A functional MVP
  • Proven market validation with recurring revenue
  • At least one full-time founder and an in-house technical lead
  • A driven, coachable, and collaborative leadership team
  • The ability to become a venture backable business in a growing market

Read the full qualification process in the Incubator Package

Application and acceptance journey

founders in the commonspace watching a presentation

Create your DMZ profile and fill out your application. You can expect to hear from DMZ within two weeks about the status of your application.


If your application is a potential fit, we’ll invite you to a screening call to demo and pitch your product. Shortly after, you’ll be notified of the outcome following your screening call. Successful candidates will receive pre-acceptance into the program.


We’ll comprehensively analyze your business, pinpointing areas that need attention and detailing how DMZ can provide targeted support.


If you’re accepted into the program you’ll meet with your dedicated Program Lead to begin designing your bespoke roadmap.


Your 18-month experience begins! You’ll be expected to dedicate ~4-5 hours monthly to program activities, excluding the personalized 1:1 sessions with our Experts-in-Residence (EiRs).

DMZ's global network makes the world your oyster

Get your product into foreign markets and work from our global offices.

Expand internationally with access to office spaces, investor networks, customer networks, mentors, and a wide range of additional resources, including introductions to trade commissioners, support for localization and special requests, as well as cost-effective go-to-market consulting.

Whatever’s in your five-year plan, we’ve got you covered.

DMZ global offices

Founders-first approach

Anyone can have an idea—few have the grit and tenacity to do something with it.

We support the do-ers—the founders with exceptional vision, innate talent, and a coachable spirit—and open the doors you need to succeed.


Businesses incubated
and accelerated


in capital raised by
DMZ startups


International offices accessible
for startup expansion

neon waves background

When you have a million and one highly specific questions, our experts are ready with answers.

Meet our Experts-in-Residence

When you need a legal eye, aren’t sure how to onboard your next hire, or don’t feel particularly safe playing fast and loose when it comes to decoding tax regulations, it’s time for outside counsel. Incubator startups get 60+ hours of one-on-one mentorship with our in-house subject matter experts as part of the programming.

Alex Thibault

Business Strategy

Ali Kiassat

Sales and Business Development

Alnur Ismail

Engineering and Product

Andrea Matheson


Andrew Ricchetti

AI, Analytics, Data Science

Anthony Lau

Product, Sales

Arabi Siva

Marketing & Go-to-Market

Berjesty Kozanoglu

User Experience Design

Christian Grunt


Corey Peck

Operations & Strategy

David Ceolin

Sales, Growth, Business Models

Frank Erschen


Gina Bowen


Hackim Farrell

Cybersecurity, Product

Javed Maqsood

GTM Strategy and Customer Success

Jodi Echakowitz

Public Relations

Johanna deBoer


Karen Hogg

Customer Success

Mandeep Saini

Budgeting and Forecasting

Mansi Vagt

Marketing, Brand Management

Mark Angelo

Business Strategy, Healthcare

Martin Croteau


Michael Low

Sales, Procurement, Operations for SMBs

Michael McCarthy

Business Strategy

Mira Soullen

Marketing Strategy

Monica Abramov

Product, Retail Strategy and Marketing

Nathan Prescott

Digital Marketing

Prad Sekar

Pitch and Storytelling

Rafael Antiquera

Growth Strategy

Raja Chakravorti

Business Development

Shawn Compton


Shawna Stewart

HR, Operations

Shilpa Mandhan

Customer Success, GTM Strategy

Steven Delaney

Business Strategy

Sultan Mehrabi


Tai Silvey

Business Development, Strategy

Ted Killin

Writing & Communications Strategy

Meet our Professionals-in-Residence

Through the Professional-in-Residence (PiR) program, DMZ founders have direct access to senior leadership at vetted companies, all under the DMZ roof. One-on-one strategic consultation meetings are pro-bono and any projects or work arising thereafter (at the founder's discretion) is offered at DMZ exclusive discounted rates.

The unexpected benefit our founders rave about?

When you’re laser-focused with your eyes on the prize, entrepreneurship can be a lonely road. Our alumni founders have established long-lasting friendships with other founders who get it and grown a personal network that has served them years after exiting the program.

Group of people networking

Where do you want to see yourself 18 months from now?



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