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Rajen Ruparell & Michael Gettis

Rajen Ruparell & Michael Gettis

Rajen and Michael are
Co-Founders of Endy

About Rajen Ruparell & Michael Gettis

Rajen Ruparell the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Endy, which was recently acquired by Sleep Country Canada in one of the largest e-commerce deals in Canadian history.Prior to Endy, Rajen was a Co-Founder of Groupon International (GRPN) via acquisition of his company Citydeal. (Groupon’s largest acquisition).

At Groupon, Rajen also led and built Groupon’s product arm, Groupon Goods.Rajen has founded and invested in multiple successful consumer products and technology, health and wellness, retail, IoT and e-commerce companies in North America and Europe. His story and successful deals have been profiled in global media including: Forbes, Fortune, Larry King, The Globe & Mail, and The Financial Times.Rajen serves as Chairman of KRR Labs which builds its own incubated companies and  invests in technology and consumer startups via its private fund.  He also is an acting Board member at Clearbanc, and was a pre-IPO investor in Twitter.He has served as the youngest ever Trustee on the Chicago Architecture Foundation Board, and on the Executive Advisory Boards of the Canada-US Business Council and Techweek.The Priya and Rajen Ruparell Foundation is a major contributor to education, the arts, women empowerment initiatives and needs of low-income children.

Mike Gettis Co-Founder and CEO of Endy, Mike Gettis drives the company’s mission to revolutionize the way Canadians shop for sleep. Mike oversees Endy’s day-to-day business strategy, operations, company culture, growth, and brand vision.

Mike co-founded the company when he realized Canadians were in need of a better night’s sleep, and an easier way to shop for a mattress.

As a world-class engineer with years of experience in global product development, marketing, and operations, Mike spent months obsessing over the design of an exceptionally comfortable Canadian-made mattress—one that could be compressed, rolled, and shipped across the country in a box the size of a hockey bag.

Thousands of hours of R&D later, the Endy Mattress was born. The innovative, three-layer design proved disruptive in the Canadian sleep market. From the start, Mike centred his focus on quality design, transparent pricing, and stellar customer service—traits that continue to differentiate Endy products today.

Having the foresight to recognize that focus, agility, and innovation are the keys to success, Mike has led Endy to become the fastest-growing company of its kind in Canada.