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Angel Investor Program

A network and training program for Canada’s angel investors



Angel investors play an important role in the tech ecosystem.

For many startups, angels are a vital part of their existence. Angel investors strengthen the capabilities of made-in-Canada startups, unlock opportunities to accelerate new innovation, and drive economic growth.

The DMZ Angel Investor Program provides a platform for angels – both new and experienced – to tap into a curated network of early-stage startups driving next-generation technology.

The program gives angels first-in-line access to deal flow, and also acts as a knowledge sharing hub to help angel investors develop and diversify their investment portfolios.

How it works

Angel investing is an incredibly fulfilling endeavour for several reasons – and this program aims to make the experience even more rewarding.

Angel investors are generally high net worth individuals that invest personal funds in early-stage startup ventures and receive an equity position in the company in exchange. Individuals must apply to the program to become verified members. For more information on eligibility, please contact us for an information package.

Our members get access to:

Investment coaching
and best practices
person watching workshop on screen
Investment coaching and best practices

Get coaching from seasoned angels and best practices when writing your first check.
Valuable introductions
people shaking hands
Valuable introductions

Get introduced to founders at the earliest stages, before rounds fill with VC funding.
Expert opinions
people in a meeting
Expert opinions

Get expert opinions when reviewing investment opportunities.
Technical guidance
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Technical guidance

Learn how to navigate technical due diligence in a deal.
Insights on building
your portfolio
person beside analytics page
Insights on building
your portfolio

Learn how to diversify your portfolio to include a high-risk, high-return asset class.
A powerful community
people collaborating
A powerful community

Stay in the know on current tech trends and network with a community of like-minded individuals.

For more on eligibility criteria, please contact us to receive an information package.



Get to know our startups

sanp commerce

You can learn more about DMZ startups by viewing the full portfolio of companies here and current startups here.

Profile picture of Beshoy Sidrak, General Partner, Lo Ventures
"Canada provides a strong landscape for angel investors. From our rich talent pool, university support, and non-dilutive funding available, risk is significantly reduced. My experience investing in a DMZ company, Kepler Communications, was better than I could have imagined. Supported by DMZ, they had the right tools to navigate a fast-paced and uncertain environment. We were able to achieve great success."
- Beshoy Sidrak, General Partner, Lo Ventures

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