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Black Innovation Programs

Empowering the next wave of Black-owned tech startups


Helping women founders achieve market validation and gain traction

The Incubator is DMZ’s flagship program that helps venture-backable pre-seed and seed-stage startups execute their go-to-market strategy, identify ideal customer personas and achieve product-market fit. This equity-based program supports founders as they grow their startups over the course of 18 months and provides them with mentorship on sales, marketing, product, hiring, fundraising, leadership and more.

For a full overview of the program and eligibility criteria, visit our Incubator page here.

What women founders get

While the Incubator itself is not restricted to women founders, there is an additional stream of programming dedicated to women founders exclusively within the program. In addition to program benefits of the Incubator here, participants in the women founders stream will benefit from:

  • Curated connections to stakeholders (like investors and executives)
  • Access to dedicated coaching for women founders as needed
  • Amplified exposure through our DMZ resources (i.e marketing/PR)
  • A community of leading women tech founders
  • Dedicated staff support and access to women-specific resources (i.e events, discounts and more)

Not sure if you qualify for this program or want to learn more? Get in touch with our Recruitment Lead here.

Your journey

Join the team.
Journey icon 1
When applying, remember to self-identify as a woman founder. Join an exclusive cohort ready to build the next generation of powerhouse tech companies.
Achieve market validation.
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Our expert-led sessions will give you a strong foundation on all areas of your business: product, sales, marketing, go-to-market strategy, fundraising, leadership and more.
Build traction and grow your team.
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Working on a prototype or minimal viable product? This is your chance to finalize it.
Graduate and join the alumni family.
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Use the best practices, lessons, and connections gained through the Incubator program to join our ever-growing alumni family as they scale their startups after our program.
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