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Index Exchange engaged the DMZ to enhance pathways to innovation via it’s Collision Day programming. The program was designed to help identify top AI startups from across Canada to meet one-on-one with executives from Index Exchange in the goals of securing potential partnership opportunities.

Overview of programming:

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Index Exchange - Collision Day

Initially launched in 2001, Index Exchange now has nearly 500 employees across the world, and partners with some of the most prominent players in the media industry, including Conde Nast, Hearst, CBC, Rogers and The Globe and Mail. With the launch of IX Labs, Index Exchange was looking to explore opportunities to diversify Index Exchange’s core offering through partnering with AI startups looking to enter new markets, and to further understand how existing markets are enhanced and advanced by new technologies. Through a Canada-wide campaign, DMZ identified 78 potential AI-first startups, received 29 successful applications and shortlisted 10 startups. Over 2 days, these startups participated in 1:1 curated meetings with key executives to secure strategic collaboration opportunities.