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Our Mentors

Our mentors at DMZ are esteemed professionals passionate about fostering startup growth. Recognizing our startups' diverse needs, these volunteer-based Mentors provide hands-on, tactical guidance. Their practical expertise fills advisory gaps, offering our founders a comprehensive and dynamic support network. With rich industry experience, our mentors guide startups through sales, leadership, marketing, and design, empowering them to thrive.

Adrian Bulzacki

IP Strategy, Technology Innovation

Balaji Gopalan

Product and Customer Strategy

Bassem El-Rahimy

Digital Marketing

Brian Deck

E-Commerce & Fundraising

Jason Muloongo

Growth Marketing

Kumar Erramilli

Product, Engineering

Mthabisi Mhlanga

Public Speaking

Sandeep Todi

Marketing Strategy

Tali Remennik

AI, Retail Tech