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Aviva and DMZ are working to make Toronto the insurtech capital of Canada

6 Canadian startups
4 month program
100M investment opportunity

Insurtech, also known as insurance technology, may be a new concept to some, but it’s giving birth to a troop of new Canadian startups that are poised to change the world.

Aviva Canada is providing valuable support, coaching and mentoring to six talented tech companies through the Aviva/DMZ Insurtech Accelerator program.

During the four-month incubation period, Aviva Canada helps six insurance-focused startups develop their proprietary technology, validate their offerings and connect them to potential customers across the country. At the end, entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their business to a panel of the company’s top executives for investment and partnership opportunities.

The benefit to Aviva Canada is twofold: executives meet new talent that will boost their business at home and abroad while also getting an exclusive look at groundbreaking technologies created by entrepreneurs from across the country. Whether it’s an artificial intelligence platform that responds to customers’ unique needs in real-time or a small firm that combines the best features from social media and new-age theft prevention technology to detect crashes, our entrepreneurs are creating technology designed to disrupt the industry.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with the DMZ at Ryerson and support the technology ecosystem by providing mentorship, connections and many other benefits that startups need to succeed. With insurance becoming an increasingly digital industry, I can’t wait to see what kind of fresh, innovative thinking these startups bring to the table for our customers.”

Ben Isotta-Riches, chief information officer, Aviva Canada

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