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BMO and the DMZ help Canada’s best fintech startups scale their business.

2 years of collaboration
6 startups
100K in seed funding

Financial technology startups, also known as fintech, are on the rise across Canada and for good reason. These innovative companies are transforming the financial market and have the ability to impact everything from day-to-day banking to digital currency.

Through an exclusive fintech accelerator, the DMZ and BMO are helping Canada’s top financial startups scale and grow their business. Only the six best startups are selected to participate in the four-month program, which provides entrepreneurs with a variety of resources including free residency at the DMZ, access to venture capitalists, tailored programming, one-on-one mentoring and culminates with a pitch competition and opportunity to pilot their company.

“Innovation and continuously evolving with our customers’ needs is a constant driver for all that we do at BMO, which is why this expanded partnership with the DMZ is a natural fit. The talented entrepreneurs that we get the chance to work with through this program have so much to offer to our industry. We look forward to collaborating with them and helping to provide opportunities that will enhance the Canadian Fintech landscape and ultimately provide a better customer experience.”

Andrew Irvine, Head, Canadian Business Banking & BMO Partners, BMO Bank of Montreal

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