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Join our Black Innovation Summit

An exclusive immersion program that matched the DMZ’s top startups with Fujitsu Canada.

12 startups
2 day event
30+ applications across NA

More and more companies are collaborating with market-ready startups to fuel innovation. These partnerships give leading firms a way to find and acquire new technology, while also strengthening their relationship with other startup communities.

DMZ’s two-day immersion program with Fujitsu provided a focused and accelerated way for company executives to meet one on one with 12 market-ready startups from across Canada. The program also gave officials a unique, first-hand look at how emerging AI, machine learning, and big data platforms can be leveraged by their clients.

“The Canadian tech startup community is burgeoning, with venture capital more than tripling in the last six years. It makes great business sense for us to collaborate with startups and spaces like the DMZ where we can jointly explore new markets and grow in existing ones.”


Craig Smith, vice-president for Fujitsu Canada

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