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Attend our Black Innovation Summit on May 28

Support from TD provides women in tech an opportunity to share, network and learn.

1.5M digital impressions
6 speaker series events hosted
750+ attendees

It’s no secret that female technologists and entrepreneurs face their fair share of obstacles. Research shows a gender gap in education and the workplace persists, and female founders receive less funding and fewer opportunities to grow their startups than their male counterparts.

TD wants to help counteract those statistics by uniting women in technology through its engaging speaker series, which is organized in collaboration with the DMZ.

This series brings together women from across the tech industry — ranging from founders to developers and designers — to hear lessons learned from personal and business success stories, share best practices and network with other women in their field.

TD is proud to support these dynamic and engaging gatherings that aim to encourage more women to continue to fuel the growth of Canada’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset. We hope to see you at our next event!


“As Canada becomes more recognized as a leader in innovation, this program was created as a way to celebrate the innovative contributions of its female founders and trailblazers. Listening to their stories has been truly inspiring – they are role models and pioneers in their fields, providing the next wave of Canadian entrepreneurs inspiration, insights and encouragement to grow and develop themselves and their businesses.”


Nancy Vye, TD Lab Programs & Enterprise Innovation Liaison, TD Bank Group

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