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The City of Toronto is committed to helping startups reach their true potential

200 network partners
1.2M in resources

When it comes to attracting the best talent, and creating an inclusive startup community, local governments play a crucial role. Most municipalities strive to build a support network that helps startups thrive and grow, although not all have the resources to set those ambitious goals in motion.

Toronto is one of a growing number of cities that’s in a position to do it right thanks, in part, to an emphasis on partnering with leading organizations, like the DMZ.

Through a one-of-a-kind collaboration, Toronto officials can capitalize on our unique programs, successful alumni and industry connections. We connect City Hall to the best entrepreneurs from across Canada working to solve everyday problems and create ‘smart city’ solutions. Through this partnership our startups gain access to invaluable government-funded resources and real-world experience that help them implement new ideas quickly and efficiently.


“With the DMZ we were able to foster the next generation of startups and start a relationship with Canadian entrepreneurs. It’s these types of successful people that we want to reach out to and nurture so that they don’t have to leave the city and stay contributing new jobs and opportunities.”

Chris Rickett, Manager of Entrepreneurial Services for the City of Toronto.

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