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Abdullah Snobar

Abdullah Snobar

Executive Director at the DMZ & CEO of DMZ Ventures

About Abdullah Snobar

EPISODE 12: Abdullah Snobar, Executive Director of the DMZ on providing greater opportunities for early-stage startups

“Let’s take all the things people wish they had as a service and let’s actually make it a reality”. In this episode, our very own executive director of the DMZ and CEO of DMZ Ventures, Abdullah Snobar, discusses how the pandemic uncovered inequity in the entrepreneurship and technology industries. Abdullah shares how in response, the DMZ quickly revamped its incubator model to be better personalized and suited for early-stage startups. Abdullah also touches upon the Angel Investor Program and how it was created to put more funds into the hands of early-stage founders. 

As a bonus, Abdullah also shares his insights on the key traits that the DMZ looks for in up-and-coming startups!