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Adeana Ching-A-Sue

Adeana Ching-A-Sue

Staff Member
Events & Programming Assistant

About Adeana Ching-A-Sue

Adeana Ching-A-Sue is an Events & Programming Assistant who works directly with the Talent Development team to provide support for all the events, as well as the different youth and student programming under DMZ's Student Entrepreneurship programs.

Adeana is entering her 2nd year at Toronto Metropolitan University pursuing Business Management with discipline in Global Management and Film Studies. She has gained a deep appreciation for storytelling and understands the importance of building strong, collaborative relationships across borders and industries.

As art is a love of hers, she enjoys various artistic forms such as painting, drawing, mixed media and simply pushing her creativity’s boundaries. In Adeana’s free time, she’s often immersed in the world of film; from classic gems to animated movies she is always up for a movie marathon.

Get to know Adeana Ching-A-Sue

Favourite colour?
Periwinkle, it's fun to say

Favourite TV show?
I can binge Criminal Minds all day

Last book you read?
The Picture of Dorian Gray

Best concert you’ve been to?
K-pop band SEVENTEEN

Favourite superhero?
You're friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man