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Yinka Adesesan

Yinka Adesesan

Staff Member
Black Innovation Programs Manager

About Yinka Adesesan

As a Black Innovation Programs Manager, Yinka designs, implements and evaluates DMZ’s programming to ensure successful outcomes. He supports founders as they go through DMZ programs and their founder journeys.

Yinka’s personal mission is to invest his resources to helping others succeed. Consequently, he currently uses his knowledge and skills to help founders take their ideas from zero to one, to infinity. He is a design thinker and venture builder, seasoned generalist and code tinkerer.

His meandering career journey has taken him from getting a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering to receiving his master’s in Design Management. Yinka has taught middle and high schoolers how to solve problems using digital technology, helped Fortune 500 corporates innovate, and now supports programs at DMZ.

Get to know Yinka Adesesan

If I could have any superpower I would choose …
Definitely telekinesis, so I can grab the remote without getting up

How do you relax?
Listening to hard science fiction audio books while doing a menial house chore

Coffee or tea?
Caffeine-free herbal tea (Ginger and lemon is my go-to right now)

Alternative career choice?
Barista in a quiet café / bookstore somewhere in Europe

Favorite cereal?
Harvest Crunch Honey nut granola (milk goes in the bowl first)