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Adrian Bulzacki

Adrian Bulzacki

IP Strategy, Technology Innovation

About Adrian Bulzacki

Areas of Expertise

  • Technology Innovation
  • Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Business Operations

Dr. Adrian Bulzacki is a visionary entrepreneur, professor, investor, and mentor—specializing in technology innovation, business strategy, and spatial computing. As the founder of ARB Labs Inc., he steered the company to its position as a global leader in casino table security and gesture recognition technology, achieving significant growth in valuation. Dr. Bulzacki holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from TMU, with expertise spanning a broad range of software and hardware. He has secured over a dozen international patents in critical areas such as machine learning, gesture recognition, and casino technology, demonstrating exceptional skill in intellectual property strategy. As a Professor of Business, Dr. Bulzacki imparts key industry insights to MBA students through capstone courses; some of whom have achieved significant accolades, such as winning the National MBA Games in Canada. His dedication to supporting youth has led to many mentorship roles at DMZ, including the Black Innovation Programs and DMZ Bootcamps.

As a discerning investor, Dr. Bulzacki channels strategic funding into early-stage companies, showcasing a remarkable ability to recognize and cultivate potential across the technology landscape. He frequently advises other investors and funds on vetting business and innovation opportunities. Dr. Bulzacki has recently focused on launching projects in Quantum Technology—identifying and supporting outstanding teams of experts committed to making significant advancements in the sector. As a founding member of DMZ, and Fellow in Commercialization from the Federal Economic Development Committee, Dr. Bulzacki has over two decades of experience in technology consulting. His professional journey—encompassing roles such as President, CEO, COO, and Director—illustrates his strong leadership abilities and high-impact approach to engineering and manufacturing technologies.