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Adrian Bulzacki

Adrian Bulzacki

Founder, ARB Labs Inc.

About Adrian Bulzacki

Dr. Bulzacki holds a Ph.D. from Toronto Metropolitan University in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is the founder of ARB Labs Inc., a world leader in casino table games security and predictive gesture recognition technology, growing the company from ideation to a double-digit multiple valuation. He specializes in multimedia systems, with a particular focus on predictive gesture recognition and augmented reality. Dr. Bulzacki’s field of expertise is in computer software and hardware, including mobile electronics and performance computing. He has been granted over a dozen international patents related to machine learning, gesture recognition and casino-specific software and equipment. He is a founding member of Toronto Metropolitan University’s DMZ. He holds a Fellowship in Commercialization from the Federal Economic Development Committee. Dr. Bulzacki has over 20 years combined experience in the fields of computer consulting, as well as 12 years of supervisory experience in engineering and manufacturing, including the positions of President, CEO and COO.