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Andrea Matheson

Andrea Matheson

EiR, The DMZ

About Andrea Matheson

"I’ve always been driven by three core principles in my career: work smarter, not harder; innovate constantly; be curious about what’s next."

Andrea is a forward thinking leader and an elite problem solver. She helps companies look at problems differently, and answers complex business questions from strategy through execution faster. She has grown three startups from zero to successful exit. The largest was from zero to $175 million USD in 24 months on three continents. Her track record includes startup success and senior leadership in both the public and private sectors, and she has used this background to bridge the gap between big business and entrepreneurship for over two decades. Andrea has had the privilege to work across technology and operations functions in Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and Australia in industries including telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and e-commerce. It’s her mission to use her experience to advise growing startups on change management, to help entrepreneurs identify their blind spots, and to help companies scale rapidly. 

The DMZ is a world-leading incubator for tech startups around the world. The DMZ helps startups build great businesses by connecting them with customers, capital, experts and a community of entrepreneurs and influencers. This means creating an environment where founders can focus on scaling their business. The DMZ helps with the rest.