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Andrea Matheson

Andrea Matheson

High Growth Coach and Advisor

About Andrea Matheson

High Growth Coach and Advisor. Problem Solver. Multi-Exit Entrepreneur. World traveller. Raptors Fan.

Andrea is a forward-thinking leader and an elite problem solver who will ask you hard questions and help you make tough decisions as you move through your growth curve. She helps companies look at problems differently, and answer complex business questions from strategy through execution faster. She has grown three start-ups from zero to successful exit – the largest was from zero to US$175 million in 24 months on three continents.

Her mission is to share her experience to advise high growth start-ups on change management, to help entrepreneurs identify their blind spots, and to help their companies scale rapidly. Andrea has mentored and advised over 1,000 entrepreneurs over the past 5 years.

Get to know Andrea Matheson

What are your hopes for the next generation of women in tech?
I am excited for the future as more women learn to take risks.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Rest is key to growth in every area of your life.