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Anna Mackenzie

Anna Mackenzie

Cofounder, Expecting Playbook

About Anna Mackenzie

Anna Mackenzie understands how challenging it can be for women in tech to climb the corporate ladder, which is why she spends most of her free time working hard to make the industry a little more inclusive every day.

These days the front-end developer, who works with local groups like Ladies Learning Code and Kids Learning Code, is making a difference by helping startups update their sometimes-confusing paternity leave policies. As cofounder of ‘The Expecting Playbook,’ she and fellow founder Ella Gorevalov have created a free comprehensive guide for both big and small tech companies that includes strategies about how to create fair and equitable parental policies. Since launching in 2017, Mackenzie has managed to start a national conversation about parental leave in Canada’s tech ecosystem and sign up tech heavyweights such as Borrowell, Wealthsimple and TunnelBear with more on the horizon.

“Always try to write each other into the deal. This is something I learned from my fantastic mentor and it really stuck with me. It’s this concept of elevating situations where I can win as an opportunity for other women to win too. I’m always thinking about how I can write more people into whatever I’m doing in order to exponentially increase all of our success.”

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