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Anowa Quarcoo

Anowa Quarcoo

Cofounder, Civic Tech Toronto

About Anowa Quarcoo

In the tech sector, it can be all too easy to forget about how important it is for technologists to integrate the greater community into their work. Anowa Quarcoo, cofounder of Civic Tech TO, is a firm believer in the idea that government, entrepreneurs and community can and should work together to create powerful and useful services that drive change.

The public servant cofounded the group to create a space where civic-minded designers, developers, urban planners, policy people and more come together to focus on creating solutions for today’s biggest community challenges using technology and design.

“Diversity in leadership is important, particularly in an industry where we don’t see a lot of racial diversity in founders or executive teams. When young people of colour see leaders who look like them, it says: ‘you belong, you can do that too and you have a place in tech.”

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