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Anthony Lau

Anthony Lau

Product, Sales

About Anthony Lau

Productization of software and hardware. Operationalizing teams to sell B2B and Enterprise.

Sometimes, customers tell you something that sounds like a must-have, when it’s more of nice-to-have. Or the other way around. Many startups, being “customer-friendly”, just say yes and build them all so they have the “best” product out there (and yes, that includes hardware accessories too).

Improperly translating of “Customer-Speak” to “Startup-Action” causes too many business-to-tech miscommunications and wastes valuable time (a.k.a. “But that’s what the customer SAID”).

Anthony has spent 20+ years growing software and hardware companies to global recognition by speaking “Customer”. He started techie – developing hardware, software and enterprise-grade architectures. Then he moved to the business side and now does both when he can. All throughout, he spoke with customers, learning to translate the customer spoken-word and RFPs into meaningful dev team sprints, hardware revs and customer pricing lists.

He has driven accelerated growth from new B2B and Enterprise market launches and new product innovations, and through mergers/acquisitions. He has worked with high-potential companies during their growth phases as employee, executive and board member, including Motorola, Cypress, Blackberry, Optiva, Telmediq and Medella Health where innovated new product categories and ensured that offerings fulfilled customer/market requirements.