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Arabi Siva

Arabi Siva

Marketing & Go-to-Market

About Arabi Siva

Areas of Expertise:

  • GTM Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Product Marketing

Arabi is a self-proclaimed “SaaSy” marketer after a decade of GTM and marketing leadership at software companies across North America. Oh, and she’s not afraid to throw in a good pun for an extra dash of spice. She’s spent most of her career building memorable B2B brands that drive pipeline and revenue, spanning product marketing, demand gen, account-based marketing, content and campaigns. Starting her career off at SAP, Arabi then took MarTech and SalesTech for a big spin, and most recently dove into leading GTM at Vertical SaaS companies whose industries (construction, transportation, legal) she’s got 0 experience in. What’s led her to be successful is being close to the customer, never relying on B2B playbooks and always striving to stand out. She also advises early-stage startups on how to set a GTM strategy and orchestrate it’s plan with limited resources and budget. She believes it’s at this stage that you get creative and crafty — priceless experiences that marketers are awarded.