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Arati Sharma & Satish Kanwar

Arati Sharma & Satish Kanwar

Arati and Satish are Shopify executives

About Arati Sharma & Satish Kanwar

Arati Sharma and Satish Kanwar are Toronto-based entrepreneurs and active members of the Canadian business and technology ecosystem. Arati and Satish focus on supporting companies and initiatives led by women and underrepresented founders. They are new parents to their son Kabir, and residents of the High Park community.

Arati is a Director of Marketing at Shopify, where she leads go-to-market strategy and campaigns for Shopify’s products to millions of entrepreneurs globally. Satish is a Vice President of Product at Shopify, where he leads the development of ecommerce, retail, and multi-channel shopping experiences. They were both previously part of user experience studio Jet Cooper, which was acquired by Shopify in 2013 in order to establish its footprint in Toronto. Arati is a graduate of McMaster University and Satish of the University of Toronto.”