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Ashley Wright

Ashley Wright

CEO & Founder, The Wright Success

About Ashley Wright

With an educational background in Business Management and Human Resources, Ashley spent over 4 years in banking, marketing and direct sales before starting her own business. Since starting her Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency journey in 2016, she launched the Crypto Strategy Academy, a 7-week Crypto & Blockchain coaching program, wrote “The Crypto Strategy Workbook for Youth” an interactive workbook that teaches youth about Crypto, NFTs and Blockchain, founded Fem T3ch, a global community for women in tech and the Blacks on Blockchain, an initiative to increase the representation of the Black community in Crypto and Web3.

Get to know Ashley Wright

What are your hopes for the next generation of women in tech?
My hopes, for the next generation of women in Tech is that we remain volts, in every room, and every conversation that we’re in. I hope that we take up space, walk with confidence, challenge, ideas, and innovate, but most importantly, create opportunities to help other women learn grow and excel in

What’s the greatest piece of advice you have ever received?
You have the power to create your own opportunities