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Brian Deck

Brian Deck

E-Commerce & Fundraising

About Brian Deck

Areas of Expertise:

  • Technology & Product Innovation
  • Strategic Growth & Scaling Solutions
  • Customer Engagement & Digital Transformation
  • E-commerce
  • Loyalty and Payment Solutions
  • Corporate Governance & Investor Relations
  • Capital Raises & Financial Strategy

Brian Deck has been a successful tech entrepreneur since 1995. His companies have developed industry-leading platforms and digital solutions primarily in the areas of customer engagement, loyalty and e-commerce. As a result, Brian’s clients have generated billions of dollars in sales through his companies’ programs.

Brian grew up in a restaurant family; his father owned Fran’s Restaurants, a restaurant that was started in 1940 by his grandfather Francis Deck. With an intimate knowledge of the restaurant space, customer journey and digital commerce, Brian founded Smooth Commerce and established it as a leader in restaurant tech innovation. Smooth Commerce processes millions of dollars in monthly sales for premier brands across North America.