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Chasya Williams

Chasya Williams

Staff Member
Marketing & Communications Assistant

About Chasya Williams

As the Marketing and Communications Assistant, Chasya plays an essential role in enhancing DMZ’s presence in the tech industry. Through collaborating with the marketing team to develop diverse marketing strategies and conducting market research, she also aids in content creation for social media management.

Chaya’s journey in the industry began as a Digital Communications Assistant in her hometown of Scarborough, where she honed her skills in crafting written articles, designing promotional materials, and creating captivating social media content. Through her experience in curating communication and marketing materials, Chasya developed a strong commitment to being the creative voice that unites people through shared passions. She aspires to further enhance her communication skills, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Creative Director. She wishes to continue to be an integral part of creating compelling messages that engage diverse audiences and foster unity. Chasya has a passion for visual arts, and in her free time, she sketches, paints, and explores new artistic mediums.

Chasya is a 2022 Toronto Metropolitan University alumna with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication.

Get to know Chasya Williams

If I could have any superpower I would choose …?

Pick one song to be your non-stop background music?
Break from Toronto by PARTYNEXTDOOR.

One item you don’t leave your house without?
My AirPods (because I always need to be listening to music)

Favourite guilty pleasure reality TV show?
Love Island UK.

Happiness is ______
Summer time in Toronto.