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Darren Shivraj

Darren Shivraj

Staff Member
Programs Lead

About Darren Shivraj

Darren is a part of DMZ’s Programs team, with the goal of helping to build awareness and attract more high-potential founders into the DMZ ecosystem.

He is a proud graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University and studied Retail Management at the Ted Rogers School of Management. During his time as a student, Darren was an active student leader engaging in a wide range of extra-curricular activities to improve student life and connect students with industry experts and professional opportunities. Darren was the co-founder of a startup that enabled alumni connectivity through online platforms for higher ed institutions. This experience led Darren to start his career with the Ted Rogers School of Management, where he helped to build their alumni department.

Darren has spent the last few years as a marketer for a youth mental health charity, a cause that he is very passionate about.

In his spare time, he enjoys trying new restaurants in the city.

Get to know Darren Shivraj

PC or Mac?
Mac. No question.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
Aziz Ansari.

Favourite food?

If I could have any superpower I would choose…

Favourite childhood book?
Harry Potter.