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Deyana Attia

Deyana Attia

Staff Member
Events & Programming Assistant

About Deyana Attia

Deyana will be entering her 5th year at Toronto Metropolitan University for Civil Engineering, specializing in Structural. She is really looking forward to graduating and pursuing a career in the construction industry. Aside from school, she is involved with the leadership community. She loves helping out the new incoming students by passing down her knowledge and experiences so that they can continue reshaping the engineering community.

Get to know Deyana Attia

Best advice you’ve been given?
Be the same person with the same name, just different mindset and new game

What do you miss about being a kid?
My rainbow loom bracelets :(

Favourite season and why?
Fall because it’s the prettiest season!

Pick two celebrities to be your parents.
Enrique Iglesias and Selena Gomez

Favourite movie/TV show?
Impractical Jokers (THE BEST!!!)