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Ehab Bazan

Ehab Bazan

Operations Optimization and Supply Chain Improvement Strategy

About Ehab Bazan

How Dr. Bazan can support your startup:

  • Helping organizations progress executive boards/teams beyond their comfort zones to achieve results.
  • Building and coaching top-performing teams with a clear vision and a servant leader mentality.
  • Identify untapped opportunities to enable organizational turnarounds and drive revenue.

Dr. Ehab Bazan has spent 16+ years covering a wide range of industry verticals, as both an industrial practitioner and academic professional, with a focus on operations optimization and supply chain improvement strategies.

Currently, his role is the Director of Operations at a large industrial hard parts remanufacturing facility with multiple locations across Canada, the United States and India. Prior to his current role, Dr. Bazan worked closely with many local and offshore clients as a senior consultant and training specialist. He has also been a speaker at various international supply chain summits and conferences. His Ph.D. thesis focus was mathematical modelling of environmentally responsible and sustainable supply chains.