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Eva Lau

Eva Lau

Founding Partner, Two Small Fish Ventures

About Eva Lau

"Industry advocates and allies must admit diversity will always bring out the best of people and product. The world is diverse and therefore, product developers and companies must in their DNA embrace diversity. Give the minority the pedestal from time to time and just listen. Collectively, we will be better than we are alone.”

Eva is a well respected entrepreneur-turned-investor and one of the few women leading a venture fund in Canada. She is the Founding Partner of Two Small Fish Ventures, a venture fund that invests globally in early-stage, transformative tech companies with strong network effects. The fund is backed by many high net worth individuals, family offices, institutional investors and the Creator Circle, which comprises many top product and company creators who can leverage their experience to help Two Small Fish Ventures portfolio companies become successful. Before starting Two Small Fish Ventures, she was Wattpad’s Head of Community and Content. She helped nurture and scale Wattpad from its infancy to become one of the largest online communities with tens of millions of monthly users around the world.

Serial entrepreneurs turned investors, Two Small Fish Ventures was founded by husband and wife Allen and Eva Lau. They want to leverage their experience in building large scale internet companies to help other entrepreneurs build the next big thing.