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Gurleen Dablair

Gurleen Dablair

Staff Member
Partnerships Assistant

About Gurleen Dablair

Gurleen Dablair is a Partnerships Assistant for DMZ, where she supports the Partnerships Lead on the execution of corporate partnerships, working with the different teams at DMZ.

As a 2nd year student of the Business Management program at Toronto Metropolitan University, Gurleen has a passion for driving innovation and growth in the Canadian startup ecosystem. Prior to joining the team, she worked for a startup within DMZ, gaining a deep understanding of the challenges faced by new entrepreneurs. Inspired by this experience, Gurleen is committed to helping shape the future of innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada.

Apart from her professional pursuits, Gurleen’s love of fashion and a keen interest in pop culture keep her on top of the latest trends and buzz. She is always exploring the fashion and social scene in the city. In her spare time, Gurleen enjoys attending concerts and trying out new food places, where she can offer expert recommendations to her friends and colleagues.

Get to know Gurleen Dablair

Favourite artist?
The Weeknd.

Coffee or tea?

Most used app?

How do you relax?
A day out with my friends.

Have you ever gotten starstruck?
The day I hugged Michelle Obama. The moment felt unreal.