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Hackim Farrell

Hackim Farrell

Cybersecurity, Product

About Hackim Farrell

Hackim Farrell was born in Trinidad but spent most of his life in Canada with a passion for the world of Cybersecurity which has consumed the last 16 years of his life. Upon earning his bachelor’s degree in 2007, he worked as a security analyst for a small U.K. startup focused on email security, a company Symantec acquired. Hackim is now the Sr. Director of Product Management at SlashNext a startup focused on Real-Time end to end Phishing Protection. Today, he spends his days talking to CISO’s at some of the world’s largest organizations to better understand the challenges they face around today’s Cyber Threats. He has done roadshows representing his previous employer Symantec where he presented alongside the FBI to talk about the rise in BEC (Business Email Compromise), the monetary impact, and what organizations should be considering to better protect themselves.

Being a security expert, he quickly realized that security is an afterthought for many organizations. The cost of poor security and poor security practices can cripple a business before it even begins to scale. The lines between your security as an individual and security as the business are blurred in today’s threat landscape.