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Harley Finkelstein & Lindsay Taub

Harley Finkelstein & Lindsay Taub

Harley is the President of Shopify and Lindsay is an Ottawa-based entrepreneur

About Harley Finkelstein & Lindsay Taub

Lindsay Taub is a foodie, an entrepreneur, a wife and a mom to 2 young children. She used to be a psychotherapist, but now she chooses to help people with something even more therapeutic than therapy: ice cream. She believes in the healing power of sweet dairy (and non dairy) treats and loves being a delicious part of her community with her shop, Sundae School.

Harley Finkelstein is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and the President of Shopify. He founded his first company at age 17 while a student at McGill. Harley completed his law degree as well as his MBA at the University of Ottawa, where he co-founded the JD/MBA Student Society and the Canadian MBA Oath. Harley is an Advisor to Felicis Ventures, and one of the “Dragons” on CBC’s Next Gen Den. Recently, he received the Canadian Angel Investor of the Year Award, Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 Award, and was inducted into the Order of Ottawa.