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Jennifer Couldrey

Jennifer Couldrey

Executive Director, The Upside Foundation

About Jennifer Couldrey

Jennifer Couldrey is on a mission to help the city’s best early stage and high growth companies give back to needy charities across the country through her charity, The Upside Foundation. As the executive director of one of Canada’s largest tech-focused charities, she enables entrepreneurs to give back by donating equity to charity by pledging stock options towards Canadian charities in the hope that one day that equity can be converted into cash. Since launching, the organization has managed to sign close to 200 companies, which include BetaKit, Nudge.AI, Sensibill and TribalScale.

“You’ll never get everything on your to-do list done. Take the time to think strategically and map out your long and short-term goals, and then build a prioritized to-do list. Focus on one thing — the most important thing — and don’t let the other 1000 things you know you should do take up brain space until you’re done. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. “

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