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Kirstine Stewart

Kirstine Stewart

President and CRO, TribalScale

About Kirstine Stewart

Kirstine Stewart is an expert and leader for both Canadian women in tech and emerging entrepreneurs. The impressive executive and longtime volunteer has spent years overseeing the evolution of content and technology at some of the world’s biggest companies, which include Twitter, CBC, Diply and now TribalScale as its president and CRO.

In her current role, the top-tier tech leader is responsible for TribalScale’s continued growth and international expansion, leading revenue and sales strategies, and operations, while actively fostering collaboration and innovation amongst the company’s Tribe, and its partners. Kirstine brings revolutionary and diverse ideas to TribalScale, contributes to leadership thinking, and inspires at all levels of the organization.

“The thing to understand is that there are many ways to enter the tech industry. There’s no company now that doesn’t use tech as part of its business and there are lots of different ways to participate in a tech business.”

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