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Liane Coulahan

Liane Coulahan


About Liane Coulahan

How Liane can support your startup:

  • Describing your why, what, how and mission statement.
  • Crafting your audience groups and personas.
  • Developing an authentic personality and voice.
  • Analyzing competitor branding.
  • Building mood boards for design and copy.
  • Assisting on making refinements to your channels (web, social, collateral)

Liane believes that effective branding can make a meaningful difference in a growing entrepreneur’s business.

Liane is a two-time founder with a passion for delving into the psychology that is required to connect with an audience on a personal level. Having lived through the up and down journey of entrepreneurship for 8 years, Liane understands that the refinement of a brand’s narrative may often take a back seat to sales and operation goals – this is where she can support. In 2014, she co-founded a marketing and production agency in the heart of Toronto and supported clients like Moksha Yoga, Frank & Oak, Capital One and government agencies to develop strong and cohesive brand stories. Liane’s approach is to interact with your brand as a third-party user and find opportunities to refine the language, clarify gaps, and act as a visual problem solver.

In 2020, she founded a branding studio called Narrative, which specializes in brand development workshops for entrepreneurs and start-ups alike. She look forwards to collaborating with startup founders!