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Lucy Ho

Lucy Ho

Founder and Executive Director, Hackergal

About Lucy Ho

Lucy Ho is the Founder and Executive Director of Hackergal, a Canadian charitable organization. After 6 years of working in the technology industry and venture capital herself, she decided to begin her movement inspiring girls to explore opportunities in tech and code through education. This was fuelled by her personal experience of oftentimes being the only woman and woman of colour in the room when it came to the tech industry.

She founded Hackergal in 2015 as a way to close Canada’s gender gap in tech and inspire girls to explore STEM opportunities. To date, Hackergal has exposed computer science and STEM education to over 25,000 girl-identified students across Canada.

Get to know Lucy Ho

What are your hopes for the next generation of women in tech?
My hope for the next generation of women in tech is that they will be able to see themselves in every role, whether that be entry positions, management or leadership across the tech sector. We need representation to be prominent for girls to dream bigger and women to know it is possible.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Bet on yourself!