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Maggie Bergeron

Maggie Bergeron

CEO, Embodia

About Maggie Bergeron

Area of expertise: Healthcare and Marketplaces

Maggie is the co-founder of Embodia, the community director of HealthTO, and the owner of The Yellow Room, a wholistic, mindfulness based physiotherapy practice that operates out of the Toronto Community Acupuncture Clinic.

She believes in harnessing the power of technology in order to best serve our practices, to build sustainable and successful businesses, and, above-all, to provide patient-centered care.

Embodia is a growing community of 205 international continuing education instructors, 12,000+ physiotherapists, and 20,550 patients. Physiotherapists engage in online continuing education courses to keep up-to-date with research, knowledge, and techniques, and engage their patients between sessions with a digital home exercise app. Patients can access, view, and track their home exercise programs, relevant education content, and standardized outcome measures.