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Marc Lafleur

Marc Lafleur

CEO and Co-Founder of truLOCAL

About Marc Lafleur

EPISODE 5: Marc Lafleur, CEO and Co-Founder of truLOCAL on how to successfully navigate building a business as a first-time founder.

“As a first-time founder, you need to be a professional problem solver.” From humble beginnings to a $17M acquisition, Marc Lafleur, CEO and Co-Founder of truLOCAL discusses the importance of problem-solving to become a successful founder. Marc touches upon his experience as a Black founder and how POC possess the resiliency and tenacity needed to pursue business as a viable path. He underscores the importance of highlighting Black founders, CEO’s and other business moguls to inspire the next generation of Black entrepreneurs. This conversation also provides listeners with advice on homing in on establishing vital components of a successful business such as creating a relatable brand and consumer-focused customer service.